TCU vs Purdue Stream : Purdue University is a dangerous team, as dangerous as a brown hermit spider. You can put your feet on your shoes 10,000 times and not get a single point, but on the 10th, 001st they will take you to the hospital. Purdue University can play dozens of high-performing teams and do their due diligence each time, but Boiler Manufacturers have the opportunity to disrupt the team season, as we saw last year with Ohio State University.

I don’t know where West Lafayette is located in Indiana – I hardly recall the location of Texas, in addition, Indiana seems to be a fairly small state in which there is neither north, nor south, nor east. Or the West, just a big invisible mixture of Indians – but I know that I’m worried that TCU will go there.

This year, Purdue University was injured in the first game of the season and was defeated in Nevada, but the Saturday home advantage will be huge, and the Horned Frogs are still trying to solve their own problems. ,

Here are five things TCU needs to do to win the Boilermakers and make sure frog fans don’t panic. Player to Watch (TCU): Corey Betley. After all 13 games began in 2018, in the preseason season, the All-Star 12 team chose equipment for protection. One of the best newcomers in the country two years ago and is constantly improving. This can destroy the scrum line that Purdue should avoid.

Noteworthy player (Purdue University): Zander Horvath. Running games did not produce much, but Boilermakers needed some docks.

Edge: TCU: The Horned Frog gave FCS 101 yards, but Purdue was only 94 yards from a running back and catcher.

Lean bone: when they want to go through, a horned frog can turn to Max Duggan. The rookie made 16 passes and 165 yards in 23 passes and is considered the best passer among the two defenders. Kotelniki allowed 715 yards of air passage and 5 touchdowns.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian Arkansas – Pine Bluff
August 31, 2019; Fort Worth, Texas; TCU Horned Frogs receiver I Len Reygor (1) used the ball at Amon-J Stadium. Carter vs. Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions Run. Mandatory loan: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports (Photo: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

Worth a look at the player (TCU): Jalen Reagor. Compared to Rondale Moore, it is a huge game maker. The horned frog tried to take him into space, to let the Raygor play and do his thing. There were five catches in the rookie, but three turns and lost. There have been at least one TD in 8 of the last 9 games.

Noteworthy Players (Purdue University): Derek Barnes. In the first two games he succeeded and had to continue playing in the backcourt. After Bailey’s loss, Barnes’s pressure became more important. Barnes is enough to play a role in this game.

Edge: TCU. Using a spreading attack, the Horned Frog can hit several large games that harm the Boylermakers in the first two games.


Skinny: It depends a lot on whether defender Elijah Sindelar plays, but the catcher will not change. Rondale Moore David Bell Amade Anderson Jr. graduated from Bryson Hopkins. If asked, they will have a good start, and he must support Jack Plummer. The Horned Frog team saw many passing teams in Big 12.

TCU Corner Defender Jeff Gladney (12) asked Oklahoma catcher Tiran Wallace (2) to play American football at the NCAA in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, November 24, 2018. The second half of the game is over. TCU won 31-24. (Tom Fox / Dallas Morning News via the Associated Press) (Photo: Associated Press)

Worth a look at Player (TCU): Jeff Gladney. All 12 corner guards decided to bring a wealth of experience to high school. If he is built around the perimeter, he will play around the perimeter if he finishes in the first two games of the first game.

Noteworthy Players (Purdue University): Moore. The crime requires one more speech from its players: last week his career was evaluated at a maximum of 13 times, lasting 220 yards. He may need a larger number to weaken the protection of this TCU. Moore will line up everywhere, which has become the norm.

Edge: Purdue. Assuming Sindra is playing, the passing game is now in rhythm. If Plummer is in the center because he did not play, then Boilers can lose momentum.

Skinny bone: Moore had a very long comeback, but he was recalled to punish. Kotelniki seem to be repeating major events in this area. This is a special type of game that a special team or false evidence can play.

Worth a look at the player (TCU): Jonathan Song. In the rookie, the predecessor completed 5 goals in 5 goals – all within 40 yards. Defeated the winner of the Cheez-It Bowl game over California last year and did the same for the University of Iowa.

Kerdy Purdue D.D. Dellinger (85) dialed

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